Announcing P4P Lead Exchange with MyMovingReviews

P4P is excited to announce a new integration with a growing lead provider, This program will take advantage of P4P’s Lead Exchange technology which allows leads to be filtered across over 15 different criteria such as weight, zip code, move date, time of day, etc. The integration allows for movers to only purchase leads that fit within their specified parameters, instead of relying on the simpler filters that lead providers supply. In our experience, this takes the filter rate (purchase of leads that you don’t actually want) to go from about 20% by working with a lead provider directly down to below 1%. P4P also automatically compares leads with any leads that have come in through your organic sources or other lead providers to ensure you never purchase the same lead twice. And of course, all of this is performed by P4P's industry leading contact center ensuring every lead is called as soon as it comes in.

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